Osborne Says Tory Plans Are Best to Shepherd U.K. Recovery

U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said his Conservative Party is the only one able to secure a stable recovery after Thursday’s election and voters are now increasingly aware of that choice.

“People are focusing now on that central economic choice as this British general election looms,” Osborne said in an interview with Bloomberg Television in Ealing, west London, during campaigning Monday. “You can either have David Cameron back at work on Friday leading a strong and stable Conservative government, or we can have the political instability and the potential economic chaos as a result of a weak Ed Miliband propped up by Scottish nationalists.”

With three days to go before the election, and polls continuing to suggest a hung parliament, both Prime Minister Cameron and Miliband’s Labour Party are seeking a last-minute swing in voter support to allow either to form a majority government.

In their final days of campaigning, the Tories are reiterating their message that a minority Labour government backed by the separatist Scottish National Party, which polls suggest is set to become the third-largest in Parliament, would spell “chaos” for the U.K.

“We’ve got to make sure people are aware of the economic choice they face,” said Osborne. “If you go with the Conservatives you go with an economic plan that has worked.”

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