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A 3-Part Plan to Rebuild New York's Old Penn Station

It would rectify "one of the greatest civic blunders ever committed."
A chalk pastel conceptual drawing by Richard Cameron.
A chalk pastel conceptual drawing by Richard Cameron.Atelier & Company

They say you can't repeat the past, but when the past was as lovely as New York's original Penn Station, it's worth a shot.

Richard Cameron and James Grimes of the architecture and design firm Atelier & Co., in Brooklyn, have developed a plan to rebuild New York City's old Penn Station in all its former glory. The original McKim Mead & White structure, which opened in 1910, was torn down in 1963 and replaced with the current underground station that serves 600,000 passengers a day. In Traditional Building (spotted by Curbed), Clem Labine offers the new plan's details and makes the hard sell: