Huckabee Promotes Record in ‘Bill Clinton's Arkansas’ in Announcement Video

The former Arkansas governor will formally announce his presidential campaign next week.

The 2016 presidential campaign wouldn't be the first time former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee went up against the Clinton machine. Just ask Huckabee, who on Friday released a campaign video highlighting his history with the Clintons.

The two-minute video, "Nailed Shut," focuses on Huckabee's time as governor while facing opposition from a Democratic legislature and the legacy of a Democratic governor—President Clinton. 

And while the video spotlights Huckabee's history with Bill Clinton's legacy, it's clearly aimed towards a potential fight against the Democratic front-runner for 2016, Hillary Clinton. The clip will be used to introduce Huckabee on Tuesday, when he is expected to formally announce his presidential campaign in the hometown he shares with the former president: Hope, Arkansas.

"On his first day in office, Governor Huckabee's door was nailed shut," says Rex Nelson of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, a former Huckabee aide, after the opening shot of a door being boarded up. "It was in Bill Clinton's Arkansas."

In the video Huckabee says that he balanced the budget, cut taxes and raised family incomes, despite political opposition. 

"Every day of my life in politics was a fight and sometimes it was an intense one," Huckabee says. "But any drunken redneck can walk into a bar and start a fight. A leader only starts a fight that he's prepared to finish."

Huckabee ran for the Republican nomination in 2008 and won the Iowa Republican caucus, thanks to a wave of evangelical support. In mid-April he announced that he would formally make his announcement on May 5, and this week his campaign announced a "factories, farms, and freedom" tour following "his formal announcement about entering the 2016 presidential campaign."

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