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Nine Gadgets That Will Give You Real Superhero Abilities

They’ll do everything except actually get the bad guys for you
For $1.3 million you can pilot a giant robot.
Source: Kuratas via Bloomberg

It’s time to face it: You’re not Tony Stark. (You’re probably not even Elon Musk.) But luckily it’s the 21st century, and with a little creativity and some cash to spare, you can buy yourself gadgets that will actually give you some of Iron Man’s superpowers. With these nine gizmos, you can augment your body (or fill your garage) with enough advanced technology to turn yourself into a real-life Avenger. 

Spider-Man has his webs, Iron Man those energy rays, and now you can shoot fireballs out of your hand. Well, from your wrist, really. The Pyro Fireshooter ($174) straps to your wrist and can carry four fireballs’ worth of charge inside, while a remote you hold in your other hand activates the device. We can’t recommend it for real crime fighting, but you should probably keep a bucket of water handy anyway.