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Why City Noise Is a Serious Health Hazard

An audiologist explains why it's so much more than a mere annoyance.
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Rev Stan / Flickr

Using some new 311 data on noise complaints, DNAInfo has identified the New York City building that's home to the loudest lovemaking. Congratulations, 7201 Ridge Boulevard, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: You have made some of your residents very proud and others very, very angry. All told, New Yorkers registered 133 official complaints about noisy sex in the first six weeks of 2015. Here's the text of one complaint, logged at 6:24 in the morning:

Unbearably loud sex in an adjacent apartment is just one of the many ways New Yorkers lose sleep to noise. Writing in the New Yorker earlier this year, Ben Wellington listed the top five official city complaint types to be loud music or parties, construction, loud talking, car music, and barking dogs. New York's official 311 service page also lists "House of Worship" as a subset of its noise complaints. And let's not forget all those irritating upstairs neighbors.