Scott Walker Meets Privately With Saudi and UAE Ambassadors to U.S.

The Wisconsin governor has been criticized by President Obama over his lack of foreign policy expertise.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, seeking to boost one of the thinner parts of his potential Republican presidential candidate résumé, met privately in Washington this week with ambassadors from two Middle East nations.

The Tuesday meetings included representatives to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Adel Al-Jubeir and Yusef al-Otaiba, a Republican source familiar with the sessions told Bloomberg. The discussions included the nuclear negotiations with Iran, Arab coalition operations in Yemen, and the ongoing fight against the Islamic State.

Walker, in his second term as Wisconsin's governor and lacking any substantial foreign policy credentials, has been in a verbal dispute with President Barack Obama this week over Iran.

The president singled Walker out for criticism in a National Public Radio interview on Monday by saying the governor needs to "bone up on foreign policy" before he has the standing to criticize the tentative deal with Iran.

The following day, Walker responded with a statement saying Obama would be better served by working with governors and members of Congress, instead of criticizing them. He continued on the offensive against Obama and his foreign policy Wednesday evening during a Fox News interview.

Next week, Walker is set to travel to Germany, Spain and France as part of a Wisconsin trade mission. That trip will be followed by a political one in mid-May to Israel.

During a trade mission to the United Kingdom earlier this year, Walker declined to outline his own foreign policy views or criticize the president, a stance he's expected to take again on the Western Europe tour.

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