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Proof That 'Furious 7' Is the Fastest and Most Furious Movie Yet

The seventh installment in the Fast & Furious series is a 137-minute movie with 49 minutes of driving
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Photographer: Scott Garfield/Universal Pictures via Everett Collection

Say what you will about the plot, dialogue, and acting in the seven-film Fast & Furious franchise, but the series has only ever promised two things: high-speed thrills and angry violence. If you’ve seen even a few minutes of any installment, you know there's no skimping on either the fastness or the fury. It's a formula that has put the latest film, Furious 7, on top of the box office with a $143.6 million opening weekend and helped the series pull off the rare feat of becoming progressively more lucrative in later sequels.

There are now nearly 14 hours of Fast & Furious on film. But just how many minutes of fast and how many minutes of fury does that entail? Bloomberg Business decided to track the time spent driving or riding in vehicles across all seven films, making allowances for moments when the automotive action is off screen and heavily implied by the story. To complete our data dive into the $3 billion series, we also monitored how often the films depicted some form of attack—perhaps a fist fight or a car slamming into another car.