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StubHub vs. Ticketmaster: Can a Scalper Really Be a Fan’s Best Friend?

Looking for a hero when StubHub sues Ticketmaster
Golden State Warriors fans,
Photographer: Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

StubHub’s lawsuit this week against Ticketmaster and the Golden State Warriors raises a difficult question for sports fans: How should you feel when the largest ticket reseller in the U.S. sues the largest seller? StubHub, owned by EBay, is the favorite online home of ticket brokers. These are the guys who snap up retail-priced tickets and raise the prices. Ticketmaster, owned by Live Nation, enjoys a similarly low reputation. The service is best known for larding the price of admission to popular events with mysterious “processing” fees. Ticketmaster’s co-defendant, meanwhile, is the best team in the National Basketball Association and the home of the most exciting player.

Strange as it may sound, the best thing for consumers in this case is probably for the scalpers to win.