Here Are the 11 Best Airbnb Listings in Havana

From $30 to $700 a night

Embroidered Cuban flags on a 1954 Chevrolet convertible taxi in Havana.

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Now you can book an Airbnb in Cuba.

The online marketplace said today that it was adding about 1,000 listing across the country, mostly in Havana, following President Obama's decision to relax travel restrictions in January. Prices on the website range from $30 for a bedroom in a modest apartment to $13,000 a month for an upscale villa, meaning there's something for business travelers accustomed to luxury digs and backpackers willing to do without familiar amenities like hot water or Internet access.  

Here are our favorite listings:

The Colonial House

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This two-bedroom house belonged to senior generals of "previous governmens," according to the listing. It has high ceilings, a swimming pool, and large gardens. It accommodates five guests comfortable, and lists for $222 a night.

 The Luxury Villa

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Book this four-story, six-bedroom villa for $700 a night, or $13,000 a month, and get a gym, jacuzzi, and other luxury amenities in a central location.

On the Plaza Vieja

This bright, airy one-bedroom in Old Havana is listed by a 74-year-old English speaker.

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Casa Miramar

A four bedroom, top-floor apartment with a large terrace and room for eight guests. It lets for $320 a night.

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City Views

For $115 a night, let this three-bedroom apartment in El Vedado; the balconies offer panoramic views.

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A Colorful Room

Rent this comfortable room—it has two beds and air-conditioning—for $33 a night.

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Paseo del Prado

A two-bedroom apartment overlooking the Bay of Havana and the Paseo del Prado in all its faded beauty; $65 a night.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.57.16 AM

Casa Vitrales

This traditional bed-and-breakfast in Old Havana has nine bedrooms; they can all be yours for $500 a night.

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Three Rooms, $33

A charming apartment with high ceilings, air-conditioning, and a nearby park.

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The 18th Century House

Rent a bed and bath in the Conde De Lombillo House, built in 1730, for $130 a night.

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Car Sold Separately

A villa in the "most prestigious" part of Havana lets for $160.

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