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It's Not Just You: It's Really Taking Longer to Do Your Taxes

For more and more taxpayers, tax season lasts most of the year

Tax season is supposed to be over on April 15. But among certain groups—especially the wealthy—filing for an extension until Oct. 15 is now routine. In 2011, 11 million taxpayers filed for an extension; two years later, 13 million did, an increase of almost 20 percent. At the end of September 2014, more than 25 percent of those who had filed for an extension were still working on their filings. We're not just procrastinators. It has gotten harder to file on time. Here’s why:

The more complicated your investments, the more likely it is that you won't have everything you need to file your taxes by April 15. Often, private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds are structured as partnerships, which means their earnings generate so-called “Schedule K-1” forms, which sometimes take until late summer to arrive.