Photo illustration: Jeremy Allen/Bloomberg; necklaces: Mikimoto via Bloomberg

Wear This Now: A Necklace With Turquoise and Pearls

Mikimoto created two of the pieces that lingered with us, even after we left Baselworld

There is certainly not a lack of shine coming out of Baselworld.

From spectacular ticking treasures to one-of-a-kind statement necklaces and bracelets, the world’s premier watch and jewelry show is literally dazzling.

And while I loved the range of diamond-encrusted [name any object] that I saw over the course of my four days at the fair, it was actually the more subtle, traditional jewelry that lingers in my memory. In particular, I loved a necklace by Mikimoto, one of the greatest names in luxury jewelry. For 122 years, the Japanese house has procured the finest-quality cultured pearls in the world. Their strands are well known for being exquisitely sourced and designed. 

This season, Mikimoto surprised me by inventively using another of my favorite gems: turquoise. In a modern spin on a single strand of pearls, it paired rare, perfectly-rounded Ayoya cultured pearls with smooth turquoise beads. The result is the Blue Sonnet Collection, which I think is tasteful and understated. (Starting at $24,000,


The melding of pearls and multiple shades of turqoise on a single strand makes this necklace by Mikimoto both fancy and bold, in equal parts.

Source: Mikimoto via Bloomberg


As a bonus, since we were first to tell you that opals are back, check out the stunner below, also by Mikimoto. Called the Legend necklace, it features a water opal surrounded by jeweled insects and flowers made of pink sapphires and diamonds. The opal is framed in a 18-carat pink and white gold setting, and below it is a 24 millimeter Baroque White South Sea pearl. The detailed craftsmanship and use of superior stones made this one of the most remarkable pieces of high-end jewelry I saw at Basel. ($345,000,

An opal, diamonds, and a pearl—oh, my.

An opal, diamonds, and a pearl—oh, my.

Source: Mikimoto via Bloomberg

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