Brazil Plans Pollution Limit Plan for UN Before October

Brazil plans to deliver its proposal for limiting fossil-fuel pollution to the United Nations before October as part of a global deal on climate change.

The government has “ambitious goals” for the UN conference on climate change that will be hosted in Paris on December, said Carlos Klink, secretary for climate change at the environment ministry. The emission-reduction program will include calls to boost efficiency in agriculture and industry as well as an increase for renewable energy use.

“Brazil is now consolidating public consultations, which will help the ministry to define the goals,” Klink said in a phone interview from Brasilia. “I am optimist. Let’s all get on the boat.”

Brazil’s indication that it’s ready to set a goal for the climate conference adds to signals from other big polluters that they will join in a deal when some 190 nations convene in Paris.

The European Union was the first to send its formal commitment to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It said on March 6 that it will reduce its greenhouse gases by at least 40 percent by 2030. The U.S. outlined work to pare emissions 26 percent to 28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025, and China has pledged to stabilize its emissions by 2030.

Brazil’s will also look to restoring forests, which may spread to at least 10 million hectares in the next 20 years. “Brazil’s new forest code will provide an X-ray of what is going on in the country, which is a big advantage for the UN talks,” he said.

Brazil will base its targets on emissions per unit of economic output or on greenhouse-gas pollution produced per capita, Klink said.

The nation has cut carbon dioxide emissions by 41 percent from 2005 levels and intends to make a 36 percent to 39 percent reduction by 2020.

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