UKIP’s Farage Accosted by Protesters at Lunch With Family

U.K. Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage abandoned sunday lunch with his wife and children after being confronted by protesters at a pub in southeast England, his office said.

The party leader was dining with his family in the Queen’s Head pub in Downe, which lies in the Greater London borough of Bromley, when the protesters filed in, a spokesman for Farage said by phone Sunday. The children, aged 15 and 10, fled and hid, and couldn’t be found for at least half an hour, he said.

“I hope these demonstrators are proud of themselves: my children were so scared by their behavior that they ran away to hide,” Farage said in a statement carried by the Press Association and confirmed by his spokesman. “These people are scum.”

Farage’s anti-immigration party, currently polling third ahead of the May 7 General election, has polarized parts of the U.K., and the leader has repeatedly rejected accusations that the party and its members are racist. Farage usually is accompanied by bodyguards at public appearances.

Nigel Andrews, owner of the pub, confirmed by telephone that Farage and his family had been in for Sunday lunch. “I’ve got nothing else to say on the subject,” he said.

The protesters included migrants, HIV activists, gay people, disabled people and breastfeeding mothers, PA reported, citing organizers of the demonstration. Farage pushed past them to get into his car and was then chased down the road, with some protesters jumping on the car, PA reported.

“Thank you for your concern to all those inquiring,” Farage said in a post on Twitter. “Everyone’s alright and we will continue to talk about what we believe in despite abuse.”

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