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Wear This Now: Opal Is the Comeback Gem of 2015

It might not be your birthstone, but opal jewelry is having a moment

Don't let the opal's signature, almost moonstone-like iridescence fool you. This unusual gem, with its subtle mix of hues (and dynamite sparkle effect), is not just for love-struck teenagers. It's a precious stone on the rise that has quickly become a preferred gem of fine jewelry designers like Irene Neuwirth and Cartier. And, like anything rare (or mystical), no two opals are alike. Which makes it a wonderful starting point for creative jewelry. Here are a few of my current favorite designs; each highlights the stone's versatile color combinations, from a cloudy white teardrop ring to a dreamy boulder blue opal pendant necklace.

Pink Opal and Diamond Earrings

Irene Neuwirth
Source: Barneys via Bloomberg Business

Irene Neuwirth rose gold drop earrings, $3,280. (Barneys)

Opal and Diamond Necklace

Brooke Gregson
Source: Net-a-Porter via Bloomberg

Brooke Gregson 18-karat rose gold necklace, $5,800. (Net-a-Porter)

Two Opal Rings

Melissa Joy Manning 2
Source: Melissa Joy Manning and Jenny Kwon via Bloomberg Business

Left: Melissa Joy Manning teardrop-shaped 14-karat gold Australian opal ring, $1,610. (Melissa Joy Manning) Right: Jennie Kwon oval opal 14-karat yellow gold ring, $630. (Jennie Kwon)

Opal and Onyx Pendant

Cartier 1
Source: Cartier via Bloomberg Business

Cartier Évasions joaillières pendant with pink gold, diamonds, pink opal, onyx, and sapphire, $15,600. (Cartier)

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