Jordan Will Sign Agreement With Russia to Build Nuclear Reactor

Jordan will sign an agreement with Russia’s Rosatom before the end of this month to build the Middle East nation’s first nuclear reactor at a cost of $10 billion, Khalid Toukan, chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, said.

Under the agreement, Rosatom will commit to provide nuclear fuel for the first 10 years for the reactor to operate starting in 2022, Toukan said at a press conference in Amman. Jordan can also return nuclear fuel waste to Russia. The project needs final goverment approval.

Rosatom will finance 49.9 percent of the project, including two plants with capacity to generate 2,000 megawatts of power. Jordan will own the rest.

“We are in talks with several regional and international investors who are interested to invest in the project and be partners in Jordan’s stake in the project,” Toukan said. “We will witness signing of some deals with those investors before end of this year.”

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