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Eight Great Jeans to Add to Your Wardrobe This Spring

New denim pants—and jackets—to get you through life comfortably and attractively

No matter how tight you wear it or how high you cuff it, denim is probably a second skin to you. There’s a good chance you’re wearing a pair of jeans right now, if you don’t have to dress formally for work. And even if you prefer suits, like me, there are ways to look just as good in denim; although it’s considered less formal, that doesn’t mean you have to take it any less seriously.

In anticipation of the new season (spring, in case you forgot because it is so late), here are eight ways to incorporate denim into your wardrobe. 

You Can Try White

Source: (from left) BLK DNM via Bloomberg; Joe's Jeans via Bloomberg

If you’ve been living in a slush-filled city for the past five months, you can finally add white back in your wardrobe. (If you’ve been living someplace warm and dry, just go on with your smug self.) I like these two white items: a denim jacket from BLK DNM  and slim-fit jeans from Joe's Jeans. (Jacket, $245,; jeans, $185,

Black Is Always a Safe Bet

Source: Baldwin via Bloomberg


Black jeans on the bottom can pair with almost anything on top. This pair from Baldwin Denim is flattering and unassuming. ($154,

Denim Gets Better With Age

Source: Raleigh Denim & Workshop via Bloomberg

Like wine, a pair of good jeans develops character and body with age. (If you are a guy, it also develops a white outline around where you keep your phone in your pocket.) The aging process works best if you pick a snug pair of comfortable pants and let nature—and your daily routine—do its thing for a year or so. Suggestion: Buy the Martin jeans in original selvedge raw by Raleigh Denim & Workshop, put them on, and never take them off. ($285,

(Muted) Color is OK

Source: J Brand via Bloomberg


After a painfully cold, bitter—and what felt like an endless winter—you may be thinking of adding some color to your wardrobe. Put these premium stretch twill spring jeans from J Brand (in fleet blue, fog grey, blue delta, sergeant, and bristle) on your spring shopping list. Just don’t go crazy with the neons or primary colors.  ($185, 

Denim Jackets Can Be Useful

Source: (clockwise from top left) Saturdays via Bloomberg; AG via Bloomberg; Nudie Jeans via Bloomberg; Mr Porter via Bloomberg

It’s also time for a more relaxed and weather-appropriate jacket. Here are a few great ones from Saturdays, AG, Jean Shop, and Nudie Jeans. (Clockwise from top left: $175,; $248,; $230,$200;

Thin Jeans Are In 

Source: Uniqlo via Bloomberg

I didn’t say skinny jeans. I mean jeans where the fabric is actually thinner and less suffocating. The Miracle Air jeans from Uniqlo are softer, lighter, and stretchier than their normal pairs—which means less restriction for your legs and less sweating for your everything. Plus, they’re very affordable. ($49.90,

People Are Wearing Pale Again

Source: (from left) APC via Bloomberg; Acne Studios via Bloomberg; Mr Porter via Bloomberg

Those bleach-washed jeans that A.C. Slater and Kelly Kaposwki wore on Saved by the Bell are trendy again. This might seem a little edgy and retro, but these three pairs are on the “normal” side of “normcore.” (From left to right: APC, $235,; Acne Studios, $250,; Michael Bastian, $350,

Also, Distressed Denim Is Still a Thing

Source: Ralph Lauren via Bloomberg

You know the jeans that look like they were attacked by a pack of hyenas?  Yup, those. They’re cool again, in certain crowds. If you go this route (and it’s definitely not for everyone), the more distressed, the better. People have to know you look like that on purpose. The new slim-fit Artisan Jean from Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren is a good place to start. These bad boys have been dyed with true indigo and distressed and mended by expert craftsmen, so no two are exactly alike.  ($198,

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