China Seeks Enhanced Cooperation With U.S., Xi Tells Kissinger

China attaches “great importance” to relations with the U.S. and wants to see enhanced cooperation to better manage “differences,” President Xi Jinping told former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

“We hope that in this new year the relationships between the two countries will have fruitful development,” Xi said, according a transcript of his remarks after meeting Kissinger in Beijing. “We need to enhance cooperation, to properly manage the differences, maintain timely communication on international issues.’

Kissinger, 91, the architect of President Richard Nixon’s historic 1972 trip to China that led to the establishing of diplomatic relations, was holding meetings in Beijing in his capacity as chairman of Kissinger Associates Inc., a New-York based consulting company. Xi called him the ‘‘ice-breaker of the ties of the two countries.”

“You also witnessed the growth of the US-China relationship in the past four decades and more,” Xi said. “How will the two countries’ ties develop in the next step and what should we do? Many Chinese people want to hear from you. We are also interested in your views concerning China’s development as you have insightful views and deep understanding about China’s opening-up and reform.”

Kissinger thanked Xi for taking the time to meet with a “private citizen” and said that when he first visited China he “could not imagine that the day would come in which China and the United States would jointly be able to discuss the future of peace and progress in the entire world.”

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