Netanyahu Brings Out the Big Gun: Chuck Norris

The martial arts star appears in a new campaign ad for the embattled Israeli prime minister.

His Likud party trailing in the polls, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried giving a speech before the U.S. Congress. He promised that Palestinians would never be granted statehood if he was reelected. But now, with hours remaining before Israelis head to the polls, Bibi is bringing out the biggest gun of all: Chuck Norris. 

The martial arts expert and film star appears in a last-minute campaign ad aired Monday. 

"I have done three movies in Israel, Delta Force being my favorite," Norris says in the spot, "and I formed many friendships while there. You have an incredible country and we want to keep it that way. That's why it's so important to keep a leader who has the courage and vision to stand up against the evil forces that are threatening not only Israel, but the United States. So, I ask you to vote for Prime Minister Netanyahu on election day. Thank you for listening to me." 

This is not the first time that the frequent Fox News guest has appeared in a political ad. In 2007, he appeared in one for then-presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. 

Norris is also no stranger to Israeli politics, having appeared in a Netanyahu spot in 2013. 

Will Israeli's listen to the hirsute martial arts expert and re-elect Netanyahu, or will the endorsement go the way of Norris' character in epic battle against Bruce Lee's character in the 1972 film Way of the Dragon