More Partial Blueprints of South Korean Reactors Leaked Online

Documents that appear to be partial blueprints of two atomic reactors in South Korea were posted to the same Twitter account that had leaked data belonging to the country’s state-run nuclear operator in December.

The files, again posted under the profile ‘president of anti-nuclear reactor group from Hawaii,’ include one labeled as the schematic for the hot water system for the Kori No. 1 and No. 2 reactors, as well as other documents with less obvious identification. Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. is still analyzing the posted data, a spokesman at the nuclear operator said, asking not to be identified citing official policy.

The latest data leak comes after President Park Geun Hye’s recent visit to the Middle East, during which the government reached agreements to build two reactors in Saudi Arabia and to jointly export nuclear reactors with the U.A.E. In today’s post, the hacker demanded money in exchange for not derailing those plans by selling data to potential buyers in Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

“There’s lots of good data - wonder what happens if it’s released,” the post read. “If we sell all of these data, we’re afraid that it may interrupt President Park’s plan to export nuclear power.”

At the time of the December leaks, the hacker demanded a halt to three nuclear facilities in South Korea, giving a deadline that passed without incident. Nevertheless, the government raised its cyber crisis alert level to “substantial,” the third on a five-step scale, and put Korea Hydro on emergency standby.

South Korea also said at the time it was investigating the possible involvement of North Korea in the hacking attack.

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