The Ballsy FBI Agent From ‘The Americans’ Guns Down John Heilemann

In real life, Noah Emmerich was a mild-mannered carpet cleaner. On our set, he pulls the trigger.

Noah Emmerich Tackles the WADR Obstacle Course

Noah Emmerich (aka Stan Beeman, aka Marlon from “The Truman Show”) is a pretty athletic dude. He works out. He plays golf. He plays baseball. He shoots people. Most of that is acting.


As our scientifically proven* “With All Due Respect” obstacle course reveals, Noah Emmerich is in fact capable of all the athletic feats that he has performed in movies and on TV.


Noah Emmerich’s directorial debut of “The Americans” appears tonight on FX at 10 pm E.T.!


To prepare for this interview, we bought a golf club, a baseball bat, and a Nerf gun.

Noah golfing:


 Noah swinging:


 Noah mercilessly drilling John Heilemann:


 This was all for journalism.

 *not proven

Graphics by Stephanie Davidson/Bloomberg