Abengoa Desalination Plant to Supply Water to 500,000

Abengoa SA, a Spanish company that converts biomass into biofuels and produces drinking water from seawater, started work on a desalination plant in Agadir, Morocco, that will supply water to 500,000 people in the area.

The Seville-based energy and environment company said that the plant when operational will provide 100,000 cubic meters a day of potable water using ultrafiltration pre-treatment and reverse-osmosis technologies to purify the salt water. About 82 million ($86 million) in financing was arranged with local banks for the public-private partnership project, it said.

The capacity of the plant 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Agadir, the largest in the region, may also double later, Abengoa said in a statement. With works including power lines and solar projects, Abengoa is developing the world’s biggest solar-powered desalination plant at Al Khafji City in Saudi Arabia, a $130 million facility that will desalinate 60,000 cubic meters of seawater each day.

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