Playing Candidate ‘Clue’ with Chris Lehane

Protecting your candidate’s reputation is a serious matter—but there’s no doubt that politics is a high-stakes game, and often an absurd one.

Your Favorite Whodunit Board Game, 2016 Edition

“With All Due Respect” challenged political consultant and “crisis-communications commando” Chris Lehane to a custom game of “Clue.” Lehane reminisces about seeing “blood on a rope line,” thanks to a “very large fist coming over the shoulder of a candidate,” and picks the best way to handle three sticky (fake!!!) scenarios. Watch for his (quickly) considered take on how to spin:

Colonel Huckabee, in Charleston, South Carolina’s Post and Courier, with ... peyote!

Graphics: Hasbro/Bloomberg


Mrs. Clinton and a choice expletive, caught on tape.



Professor Bush, the Iowa State Fair, and, well, “ very much depends on the severity of the brawl.”



But seriously, what’s the best way to stop a story from spiraling into camp-movie territory? “Acknowledge that people need to behave themselves better.”