Jeb Bush on Iran: 'Holy Schnikes'

The former Florida governor invoked Chris Farley in his big foreign policy speech on Wednesday.

Foreign policy is tough. Tough enough to make Jeb Bush go, "holy schnikes." 

At least that's what the possible 2016 presidential candidate said Wednesday during his address to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He used the comedic phrase regarding a rather serious topic—the threat Iran poses to the U.S.

After giving a detailed answer about nuclear weapons in Iran, he said, "The more I get into this stuff, there's some things you just go, you know, 'holy schnikes.' This is, like, serious stuff."  

The term was made popular by the 1995 movie "Tommy Boy," starring Chris Farley , and was commonly used by grade-school students of the late '90s who wanted to get away with almost, but not quite, cursing. 

Bush has shown other bits of his quirky personality lately. After making a statement about teachers' unions, Bush said, "That'll light up Twitter. ... I can hear it now." He then proceeded to do a beeping impression of what it might sound like when something goes viral. 

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