Carnegie Connects First Wave Power Machine to Grid in Australia

Carnegie Wave Energy Ltd., a producer of systems that generate power from the sea, connected its first power project to the grid in Perth, Australia.

The Australian Department of Defence will buy all the power from the project to run the country’s largest naval base, Perth-based Carnegie said today in a statement on its website. The wave-energy system is also expected to produce fresh water. Carnegie didn’t disclose the size of the Perth project.

Carnegie’s CETO systems use a buoy submerged in the sea that moves with the motion of the waves. That action is used to pressurize fluid, which is piped ashore to power a turbine and produce electricity. The same energy may also be used to produce drinking water from seawater.

The company is developing another project that will use larger versions of the CETO systems and is supported by A$11 million ($8.6 million) from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and A$20m in debt from Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corp.

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