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In Whale War Ceasefire, Activists Hunt a New Target

With a halt to Japanese whaling in the Antarctic, the conservation group Sea Shepherd has started hunting toothfish poachers
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Source: Wikimedia

It's summertime at the bottom of the world, and while the living is never easy in the Antarctic, this is the season when the sun stays up, the ice retreats, and tourists arrive. It's also the time of year whalers from Japan slug it out with environmentalists from around the world. Not this year, though. Japan is sitting out the whaling season after a setback at the International Court of Justice last March, when the United Nations tribunal ordered a halt to the hunting of whales in the Southern Ocean in what the Japanese government has always insisted was scientific research. 

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government isn't throwing in the towel. Within weeks of the court ruling, the agriculture minister announced that Japanese ships would revise the program to win approval for a return to the Southern Ocean next year.