Introducing: It’s 5 O’Clock Everywhere—a New Street Style Series

Photographer: (clockwise from top left) Anibal Barco/Bloomberg Business; Franz Navarette/Bloomberg Business (2); Guiseppe Santamaria/Bloomberg Business; Anibal Barco/Bloomberg Business

With our big site relaunch, we’re in a celebratory mood. The old adage, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” seems especially fitting, but rather than break out the bar cart, we thought we’d toast the after-hours style of men and women around the globe. So please raise your glasses to our new monthly street style installment, in which we trawl the world’s most vibrant watering holes for the well-dressed folks who frequent them. Our first foray takes us from the aptly named Club Street in Singapore to the sun-drenched Circular Quay in Sydney and finally to up-and-coming Colonia Roma in Mexico City. Other than the enviably balmy climes, these cities—and their stylish citizens—share more in common than you might think. In an increasingly global world, they’re all getting style inspiration from Instagram, Twitter, and the blogosphere. As a result, they've developed senses of style that are original and distinctive, but can’t quite be placed. Borders be damned—and cheers!


Mexico City




Photographer: Giuseppe Santamaria/Bloomberg Business



Photographer: Franz Navarrete/Bloomberg Business


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