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Why China Wants to Rain on Obama's India Parade

Obama goes to New Delhi to announce a breakthrough deal on nuclear power, and China dismisses U.S.-India progress as "superficial"
India Celebrates 66th Republic Day

India Celebrates 66th Republic Day

President Barack Obama was the guest of honor today at the biggest event of the year in New Delhi. It was the annual Republic Day parade, a three-hour extravaganza of floats, marching bands, and military gear. Getting Obama to attend is a major victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first Indian leader to host an American president at the big parade, and is yet another sign the two countries are getting closer. This is the second summit meeting between the two leaders since Modi came to power in May.

The visit is Obama's second to India as president, and relations are clearly warming. The two leaders on Sunday announced a deal on civilian nuclear projects after years of delays. The U.S. will drop its insistence on tracking nuclear fuel sold to India to ensure it's not used for military purposes, and in return the Indians will set up an insurance pool (initially funded at $122 million, with more money to come later) to shield from liability nuclear power plant suppliers such as General Electric and Westinghouse Electric.