Hong Kong Protest Rally Organizer Rejects Police Conditions

Hong Kong’s Civil Human Rights Front, organizer of a rally planned for Feb. 1 calling for universal suffrage, has rejected conditions set by police to stage the event.

Police gave approval for the rally, while asking the organizers to disperse people who occupied public spaces and provide information about groups that might get involved in illegal activities during the event, spokesman Johnson Yeung told reporters today. Civil Human Rights Front will appeal the police conditions, he said.

“I feel we are being threatened by the police,” said Yeung. In failing to comply “we will bear the legal cost or we may be arrested. We’re just citizens, we don’t have the power to disperse any kind of movement or action from other civil group.”

The planned demonstration comes after police in December cleared pro-democracy protesters that occupied key parts of the city for 79 days to protest China’s decision to vet candidates for the city’s first election of its chief executive in 2017.

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