Tories’ New Poster Sees ‘Chaos for Britain’ in Labour-SNP Tie-Up

Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party unveiled its latest poster in the May 7 election campaign, warning of “chaos for Britain” from a Labour Party government backed by the Scottish nationalists.

On the left of the billboard released by the Tories Friday there’s a picture of Labour leader Ed Miliband grinning outside the premier’s office at 10 Downing Street, headlined “Your worst nightmare.” On the right, Miliband is joined by a smiling Alex Salmond, the former Scottish first minister, with the tag “...just got worse.”

Polls suggest the Scottish National Party is set to gain seats in May amid a surge in support following the Scottish independence referendum in September. Neither the Tories nor Labour are on course to win a majority. Both Salmond, who’s running for a House of Commons seat, and his successor as SNP leader and first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, have indicated they may provide support for a minority Labour administration while ruling out backing for the Tories.

“The SNP would prop up Ed Miliband -- meaning chaos for Britain,” is the slogan at the bottom of the poster.

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