Rich Lawyers 'Livid' Because New York Lawyers Are Slightly Richer

Fat bonuses by New York's Davis Polk & Wardwell cause headaches at other firms
Photographer: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

It has been a long and feisty bonus season in the world of big law firms. First, several New York firms announced bonuses for senior associates that were around $40,000 fatter than last year's haul. Most remarkably, the fancy firm Davis Polk & Wardwell announced market-leading bonuses for all levels of associates, who are lawyers that haven't been made partners, including $100,000 for the longest-serving employees. In a scramble to match the precedent set by Davis and to soothe anxious lawyers, some firms quickly revised their original bonus scales. Now some lawyers outside the city are protesting their comparatively paltry payouts.

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