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Brown University Dries Up Frat Parties and Angers Students

"No place to rage quite like the Kasper Multipurpose Room," one student gripes
Brown University's Wilson Hall in Providence, R.I.

Brown University's Wilson Hall in Providence, R.I.

Photographer: David Pacheco/Flickr

Brown University has banned alcohol from being served at parties in fraternities and certain student residence halls for the spring semester. The crackdown, which has been nicknamed "Prohibition" by the campus newspaper's editorial board, was put in place this week after two fraternities were punished for having booze-fueled parties that led to reports of "non-consensual sexual conduct."

“The ban is intended to prohibit alcohol from social gatherings of the kind that were problematic,” says Mark Nickel, university spokesperson. While the temporary ban is in place, Brown will review its policies on alcohol and social events as part of broader efforts to intensify sexual assault prevention.