No-Waste Wooden Beer Bottle Will Be World First, Carlsberg Says

A toast raised with Carlsberg A/S beer bottles may soon lack that familiar clink.

The Danish brewer said today that it’s developing the world’s first fully biodegradable receptacle for beverages -- made mostly of wood fiber.

The “Green Fiber Bottle” will generate zero waste and everything including the cap will be made out of biodegradable material, the Copenhagen-based maker of Tuborg said in a statement. It will be developed in a three-year project with packaging company ecoXpac in collaboration with Innovation Fund Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark.

“There are prototypes out there, and this partnership is to really take that to the final stage and we’re confident that’s going to happen,” Carlsberg spokesman Jim Daniell said on the phone. It’s too early to say to what extent the brewer would use the wooden packaging, he said.

The project is part of an initiative called Carlsberg Circular Community, where the brewer collaborates with partners aiming to pursue a zero-waste economy when introducing new products. Other efforts include development of a new type of coating for refillable glass bottles to make them look good for longer and be reused more times, Daniell said.

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