Seven of the Most Unintentionally Creepy Ads of All Time

Seven commercials that give off a very different vibe than their sponsors intended

A British homebuilder was forced to pull an advertisement for a luxury apartment building in London last week, after the ad was roundly mocked on social media for being appalling, terrifying, or both. “A glimpse into the psychotic mental state of housing in London,” said one viewer on Twitter. “A new low in the genre of dystopian / beyond-satire property ads from Redrow Homes,” tweeted a second, referring to the company that produced the ad. The ad's star, an actor whose appearance and vibe falls somewhere between Christian Bale in American Psycho and Christian Bale in Exodus, narrates the effects of his soul-sucking career and personal life over the type of score directors normally use to signal an impending murder. Ahead, that ad plus six examples of unintentionally horrifying marketing.  

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