The Spirits You Should Be Drinking This Winter

Twenty-one-year-old whiskey, and other nightcaps you can enjoy at home

You’ve heard of SAD—seasonal affective disorder; a condition causing intense irritability, lack of energy, and an unceasing craving for carbs. You probably don’t have it, but that doesn’t mean your winter blues aren’t real: Each year, about half of Americans report feeling down once it gets cold. (The rest moved to L.A.) So we’ve compiled fancy gadgets, restorative beauty products, and therapeutic advice to help you get through.

Alcohol may technically be a depressant, but that doesn’t mean one drink before bed won’t take the edge off. This winter, an excellent at-home nightcap is easier to procure, thanks to the number of mass brands that have gone high-end. Where before a liquor connoisseur might have needed a plane ticket and extra luggage space to own a bottle of fine rum, the makers of these established brands—with access to deep liquor reserves and expensive technology—have brought upscale spirits to local stores. The six options here are complex and expertly made, with no cocktail savvy required. Simply pour, sip, and enjoy. In moderation, perhaps, so you don’t blow through the bottle.

Photographer: Sacha Maric for Bloomberg Businessweek

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