These Smart-Home Products Are Actually Smart to Buy

A lot of smart-home products are actually pretty dumb. Our guide to the handful that will save you time, money, or both

It’s the year of the smart home—again. For another year at the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest exhibits promise IoT-this, smart-that, or connected-whatever. The challenge is figuring out which, if any, of these intelligent devices you might actually want in your home. There are a lot of flashy, great-looking options out there, but who really cares if a smoke alarm looks hot? 

CES: Smart Home Products You Actually Should Buy

Building a good smart-home ecosystem is about solving genuine human problems, not filling a house with toys. This can mean saving space and power by combining two separate devices in one unit, or fully automating a cumbersome, recurrent process, freeing your family to worry about something other than whether they remembered to turn off the oven.

CES 2015: All the News That Matters


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