Polaroid's Plan to Get Millennials to Print Their Photos

The company's new mobile printer is cute, and it's cheap enough for a younger crowd—but the paper for printing is not

The Zip wireless printer.

Source: Business Newswire

It's not likely that the people who once used Polaroid's instant-print cameras are the company's future, not least of all because they're currently well into their 50s. Their kids, however—also known as Generation Y—are squarely in Polaroid's viewfinder. Its GoPro-chasing $99 action camera, the Cube, was the Minnesota company’s first—and, it says, highly successful—bid for younger consumers. Next up: a mobile, wireless printer that spits out wallet-size images without using ink cartridges. Like the instant cameras of yore, the bulk of the technology is built into the paper.

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