Rousseff Names Eduardo Braga as Brazil’s Next Energy Minister

President Dilma Rousseff chose Senator Eduardo Braga to be Brazil’s next mining and energy minister.

Braga, 54, of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party as is current Energy Minister Edison Lobao, is the leader of Rousseff’s political allies in the Senate. He is from Amazonas state where he also served as governor and mayor of capital city Manaus.

Braga takes over one of Brazil’s most important ministries as state-owned oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA is investigated for corruption and as Brazil’s worst drought in decades threatens the energy matrix of a country mostly reliant on hydroelectricity. Revisions to the legal code governing mining are stuck in congress and should be revisited in 2015.

Braga helped guide priority projects of Rousseff’s first term through congress, including Brazil’s forest code, a revision of the legal code regulating ports and the law changing how oil exploration is conducted.

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