Interpol Officials Arrest Kenyan Poaching Suspect in Tanzania

Feisal Mohammed, a Kenyan businessman wanted for wildlife poaching and trafficking, was arrested yesterday in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s commercial capital, Interpol officials said.

“We arrested him last night in a joint operation with Tanzanian authorities,” the head of Interpol in Kenya, Police Commissioner Vitalis Okumu, said by phone from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. “We are in the process of transferring him to face charges in Mombasa.”

Interpol issued an arrest warrant for the Mombasa-based businessman in October in connection with the seizure of 228 tusks from a warehouse in the port city in June.

The illegal slaughter of elephants is at the highest level in a decade in Africa, fueled by global demand for ivory, particularly in China and Thailand, which has pushed up prices, according to Traffic, a wildlife trade-monitoring group. Ivory is used in Chinese traditional medicines and is viewed as a sign of wealth, according to Nairobi-based Save the Elephants.

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