Subscription Boxes of Junk: Enough Already

It’s time to boycott startups that send packages of dumb trinkets to your door
Illustration by Jaci Kessler

It’s understandable. People like getting mail. But the subscription box industry—those startups that periodically ship a “curated” collection of products to your doorstep—has become insane. Companies pop up almost every week, targeting every imaginable demographic, from stepmoms to rock collectors. Late in November, a company called OuiPlease ($150 for each monthly shipment) introduced a box that offers a “selection of the finest Parisian products,” such as cheap jewelry and chocolate. There’s also HeavenSent ($32.50, monthly), which sends “beautiful Christian inspired” women’s tops, and Dive Bar Shirt Club ($22, monthly), offering T-shirts from “unusual” bars across America.

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