Harper Says Alberta Carbon Levy Model May be Worth Broadening

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Alberta’s model for regulating greenhouse gas emissions may be worth broadening as the country seeks a “continental response” to energy rules.

Harper, speaking in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, said Alberta’s model, which imposes a carbon levy of C$15 ($13.25) a metric ton on large emitters, is among the possible options to consider. He reiterated that Canada would like to reach an agreement with the U.S. and Mexico on a comprehensive set of industry-wide regulations.

“The Province of Alberta itself already has a, it’s one of the few GhG-regulatory environments in the country,” Harper told the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, according to a transcript of the remarks distributed to journalists. “It has one. I think it’s a model on which you could go broader.”

Harper also said Canadians should expect the election next year to be in October as scheduled, rather than earlier as some have speculated.

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