Belgian Air, Rail Traffic Hit as General Strike Halts Transport

Brussels Airlines among carriers hit as air space over Belgium closed for 24 hours on general strike. * Brussels cancels all flights arriving/departing Brussels Airport between Dec. 14, 10 p.m. and Dec 15, 10 p.m. * About 220 flights canceled, passengers were informed last week: Brussels * Brussels airport will have no takeoffs, landings though 10 p.m., bus and train services to/from airport also not running, operator says * Rail operator SNCB says no trains running in Belgium today, also some Thalys trains canceled through Dec. 16 * Eurostar, TGV halt service to and from Brussels, services on Brussels route will only operate to and from Lille today * Ports of Antwerp and Ghent blocked * Lufthansa has 29 flights listed as canceled on its website, most of which to/from Brussels * German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG says its high-speed ICE trains from Cologne, Frankfurt not running to Brussels today * NOTE, Dec. 12: Belgium strike seen halting rail services, flights on Monday

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