Brandy Melville: Instagram’s First Retail Success

Teen clothing boutique Brandy Melville’s popularity is fed almost exclusively through social media buzz
Brandy Melville, NYC Photograph by Molly Matalon for Bloomberg Businessweek

The first thing Lola Yerton did after hearing about Brandy Melville from her older sister Bella last summer was to pull up the clothing store’s Instagram account on her phone. It was love at first sight. There were photos of cool stickers and of clothes she saw herself wearing: T-shirts and sweaters, scarves and beanies. Now, six months later, the 11-year-old visits a few Brandy Melville pages every day—the company maintains different social media accounts for its various locations—looking for items to buy, either online or at the branch in Waikiki, Hawaii, where she lives.

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