What Is Going On With This Columbia Woman-Power Parody Video?

In the apparent interests of feminism, Columbia Business School students have produced "Bitch in Business," a music video in which lip-syncing women parade stiffly through an office, solve the wage gap by stapling a dollar bill together, and set fire to a garbage can. 

Set to the tune of Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass, the parody portrays numerous human resource violations besides the aforementioned arson, including in-office boob grabbing, drinking on company property, and games of low-stakes poker and touch football in lieu of "gettin' those returns," something the video's protagonist claims to excel at. Her job skills are dubious, though: Less than a minute in, she discards a report titled "Bullshit contract for women" without reviewing it, even though it could have contained information relevant to her job duties.   

With its tortured meter and the inclusion of head-scratching phrases such as "twerk those feminine wiles," it's unclear whether "Bitch in Business" will be enough to combat the biases against women that prevent them from attaining leadership roles in large numbers and that limit their earnings compared with those of male counterparts. But we're happy to see a highly ranked business school take these issues seriously.  

The (minimally-NSFW) video below.