Rand Paul Keeps Up His Obsession With Hillary Clinton

More than any other possible 2016 presidential candidate, the senator from Kentucky is ready for Hillary bashing.

These days, it seems as though Rand Paul never misses an opportunity to take a dig at Hillary Clinton.

After Republican Bill Cassidy beat Senator Mary Landrieu in a Louisiana run-off election this weekend, Paul did not hesitate to lay blame at the feet of the former Secretary of State.

Before sending a congratulatory tweet to Cassidy—a new colleague who, like Paul, is also a physician—the Kentucky senator first sent out two messages on Saturday about the former secretary of state, not forgetting to add his trademark #HILLARYSLOSERS hashtag.




The latest chiding tweets are part of a series that Paul began after the midterm elections in which a wave of incumbent Democrats supported by Clinton fell to Republican challengers, a result that Paul sees, at least in part, as a repudiation of the presumed Democratic presidential front-runner. 

More than any other potential 2016 Republican candidate, Paul has been relentless about rubbing salt in the wound of every perceived Clinton misstep. Attempting to raise doubts about whether Clinton is fit to lead the country at every opportunity, Paul has, for months, used speeches and media interviews to lambast Clinton's foreign policy credentials, statements about her finances, as well her climate change positions. He has also publicly questioned whether Hillary is physically up for the job. 

“I think all the polls show if she does run, she’ll win the Democrat nomination,” he told Politico last month. “But I don’t think it’s for certain. It’s a very taxing undertaking to go through. It’s a rigorous physical ordeal, I think, to be able to campaign for the presidency.”

Neither Clinton nor Paul has announced whether they will mount bids for the White House in 2016. But Paul will be nothing if not well practiced should the two candidates end up facing off in the general election. 

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