YouTube Dominated Video Sharing, Then Went Global

2005: YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploads video No. 1—an 18-second clip of his visit to the San Diego Zoo.
Video No. 1: Karim at the San Diego Zoo Courtesy YouTube

2005 YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploads video No. 1—an 18-second clip of his visit to the San Diego Zoo.

Class clowns, wanna-be guitar heroes, freedom fighters, and adorable animals all gained a new outlet with the debut of YouTube. It wasn’t the first video-sharing site, but thanks in part to the pedigree of its founders—the three hailed from PayPal—it soon dominated. Google acquired YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion. More than 100 hours of videos are uploaded onto the site every minute. Nowadays, about 80 percent of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the U.S. An analysis of the top 10 videos by country revealed a surprising degree of overlap, suggesting a potential Ph.D. dissertation topic: Are countries that laugh at the same schlocky comedy skits less likely to wage war on one another?

How Animals Eat Their Food
by MisterEpicMann was the No. 3 most watched video on YouTube in 2013

Views to date: 109 million
Country rank in 2013: Australia (1), Austria (3), Canada (3), Denmark (1), Finland (5), Germany (2), Hungary (6), Ireland (4), Netherlands (5), New Zealand (1), Norway (3), Sweden (1), Switzerland (3), U.K. (1), U.S. (3)

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