Yes, the Cato Institute's Libertarians Are Aware of 'Winter Storm Cato'

The weather pattern threatening the northeast shares a name with the major libertarian think tank.

The winter storm bearing down on America's northeast has been named "Cato." The key Libertarian think tank in America, which has been based in Washington for a generation, is the Cato Institute. The inherent humor of this has not been lost on Cato employees, whose organization is named for Cato's Letters, an 18th century collection of essays about liberty.

"Proud to be part of a largely classical list that has included Atlas, Athena, Vulcan, Hercules, Gandolf, Eris, and Juno," wrote David Boaz, the executive vice president of Cato, in an email.

And the irony of a winter storm being named for an organization that employs climate change skeptic Pat Michaels was not missed. In a blog post titled "[Insert Winter Storm Cato Joke Here]," Michaels thanks the coming storm for "limiting the government," and explained why anyone connecting it to the dangers of greater CO2 release into the atmosphere was all wet.

"Surely many climate alarmists will blame this garden-variety coastal cyclone on global warming," Michaels wrote on Tuesday. "Rational minds should know that these types of storms are largely powered by the midlatitude jet stream... Many pundits are fond of blaming these storms on changes in the “polar vortex” (which itself has existed ever since the earth acquired an atmosphere) caused by global warming, a notion that was thoroughly debunked by Colorado State’s Elizabeth Barnes last year."