Chris Christie's Best Week Ever, Day by Day

The governor has had a glorious couple of days.

For months, he's been racing from state to state campaigning and raising money for the governors he represents as head of the Republican Governor's Association. In the five days leading up to Election Day, he visited 19 different states. He dispersed, all told, $90 million in states where the margin of victory was 6 percentage points or less. And after this epic run, Chris Christie enjoyed a little rest and a lot of affirmation.


The week got off to a dicey start. The governor’s beloved Dallas Cowboys lost to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. But that meant there was nowhere to go but up. He spent Monday in New England, making final pushes for candidates in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine, which was his last campaign stop of the season. It turned out to be a successful one. Republican incumbent Paul LePage would go on to narrowly hold back Democrat Mike Michaud. 


Now, even if Tuesday wasn't a Republican-dominated Election Day, it would have been a very good day for Chris Christie. His idol Bruce Springsteen just so happened to release a new picture book, which sets illustrations by cartoonist Frank Caruso to the song "Outlaw Pete," from the 2009 album "Working on a Dream." 

That day, Christie voted in his home town of Mendham Township, N.J., wearing one of his signature fleece half-zips, this one embroidered with the Notre Dame logo. 

The New Jersey governor laid low on election night, not attending any events, which is why no one knows exactly how big his smile was as Republican governors were elected in 24 states. Eight of those were states that twice voted for President Barack Obama. 

Of course, it also didn't hurt that Republicans gained control of the Senate and got a stronger majority in the House of Representatives. Just gravy for Chris Christie. 


What does the RGA chair do the morning after 24 Republican gubernatorial victories? He goes on every morning show he can, of course! On Wednesday, Christie put on his pink tie and appeared on “The Today Show,” “CBS This Morning,” “Fox & Friends,” and “Good Morning America.” Later, he dropped by CNN, too.

 He told Matt Lauer on "The Today Show" that he doesn't want credit for the wins, saying "as RGA chairman, here’s what you do: you raise money and you raise awareness. And then the candidates have to do with that what they will." But he kind of had to say that, didn't he? That is, he had to say it if he was going to continue having the best week ever, which he of course did.

Between all those shows, Christie had lunch. It was just like your lunch that day, probably, except he was looking at a menu that included "wild-boar Bolognese and fig-stuffed quail" while talking to billionaires like Steve Wynn and Richard LeFrak. "It was happy,” LeFrak later told Bloomberg News' Max Abelson.


Just as Election Day euphoria was fading, Christie received a side dish of vindication: Monmouth University released a poll saying that the majority of New Jerseyans agreed with Christie's mandatory quarantine for health care workers who had been in close contact with Ebola patients. 

Of those polled, 53 percent said they approve of Christie's handling of the situation. He got much higher marks than the federal government, which got the approval of 37 percent of New Jersey residents. 

That night, Christie gave his monthly "Ask The Governor" radio address. On it, he was open about the fact that his intense travel schedule ahead of the election simulated what a presidential bid might be like. 

"It’s a good trial run for all of us to take a look at what it’s like to be on the road that much," Christie said. "I mean, I was in 19 states in the last five days.”

Sounding confident.


Friday was back to business as usual. The governor had no public schedule and was back at his office in Trenton for meetings, a spokesperson said. 

Behind the closed door of his office, no one could blame him for doing a little of this: 

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