U.K. Labour Leader Miliband Says Rebellion Claims are ‘Nonsense’

Ed Miliband, leader of the U.K.’s opposition Labour Party, dismissed reports that his lawmakers want him to step down as “nonsense.”

The BBC and the Times newspaper both reported that unnamed lawmakers had written to David Watts, chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, calling for the leader to go for the good of the party. Labour’s poll lead has narrowed in recent months, and in surveys Miliband consistently scores behind David Cameron as the person best suited to be prime minister.

“This is nonsense,” Miliband told BBC television today. “Our focus is on the country and is going to remain on the country.”

With the general election just six months away, it’s not clear what mechanism could be used to remove Miliband as leader, or who would replace him. When the party was in government under Gordon Brown, there were a series of attempts by senior figures to remove Brown and none succeeded.

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