Freixenet’s Chairman Rules Out Catalan Independence

The chairman of Freixenet, Catalonia’s leading producer of sparkling wine, said there’s no way his region will win independence from Spain as separatists prepare to hold an informal ballot on secession this Sunday.

Freixenet has no “plan B” drawn up to a respond to a potential break up, Chairman Jose Luis Bonet said at a conference in Madrid today. “It is not going to happen and that’s it.”

The Catalan regional government is planning to hold a vote on independence on Nov. 9 despite a Constitutional-Court ban. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy fired a warning shot today, writing to Catalan officials to remind them of their duty to respect the court ruling.

Bonet urged Spanish officials to negotiate a settlement that would allow the 7.4 million Catalans to remain part of Spain.

“The path to take is to talk and from there to reach an agreement within the constitutional and legal framework of the country,” he said. Freixenet “is a family-owned Catalan company and, therefore, Spanish,” he added.

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