Dutch Say Multinationals' Tax Regime Similar to Neighbors

The fiscal climate for multinational enterprises in the Netherlands doesn’t deviate significantly from neighboring countries, the Dutch Audit Court said.

“The Netherlands has a favorable tax climate for multinationals, but the legislation as such is not significantly different from that in neighboring countries,” the Audit Court said in a report published today at the request of the House of Representatives.

The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Ireland are the targets of a probe by the European Commission into whether preferential tax deals for companies amount to illegal state aid under European Union rules.

“Tax avoidance is an international phenomenon,” the Audit Court said. “Dutch measures alone cannot prevent companies following tax routes that lead to the lowest possible tax burden.”

However, initiatives taken by international organizations such as the European Union “that actively combat arrangements that are contrary to the spirit of the rules, and are set up to minimize tax, therefore deserve the sustained and active support of the Netherlands,” according to the court.

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